Solki Hanfi (nabothi) wrote in x____poetic,
Solki Hanfi

Recipe for Something

My first non-app entry! :)

Hello everyone, thanks for having me. I'm currently not planning on posting my older poems but if you are interested in them anyway you should be able to find them under my memories where I listed all the poems posted in another community. There are quite a bunch, you might want to check out the most recent ones. I'll have to do some digging around for the REALLY old stuff that has never been posted before.

With that out of the way...

I'll really have to start getting used to these prompts, so for now they won't produce my best work ever. Hopefully I'll improve over time. My intro's will be shorter or non-existant from now on. Cheers! ;)

Recipe for Something

Take one bottle of soap
Doesn't matter what kind
Take a little stick with
a ring attached to it.
Memories of old break through
the barriers in the brains
remembering how it's done
blowing bubbles, such great fun.

On TV I saw a man,
who did all sorts of tricks
with said bubbles and a prop
called the lighted cigarette.
I sat there staring,
silent and in complete awe
of what this man could do with
derivations from two basic elements.

He caged the smoke inside a bubble
a rather strange display,
to be able to encage the most free form of all
in a prison with its walls most frail.
The smoke, a prisoned animal,
going from side to side,
looking for that one opportunity,
in madness or genius creativity.

It happened not much later,
in the most anticipated fashion too,
the bubble burst and the smoke
was finally set free.
Your walls don't have to be so thick
To keep something inside.
But something always finds a way
to get out, when the time is right.
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