Solki Hanfi (nabothi) wrote in x____poetic,
Solki Hanfi

Itching and Scratching

The hurt stings
Spiraling beyond
Any sign of justification -
A miserable border.
The tears bite
All of them
Curling up into
the fetal position.
These unborn thoughts
feast on the familiarity,
the recognition of
suffocating in mediocrity.
Ashamed of every movement,
contemplating every option.
They all need magnifying glasses,
to have a good look at these
stingy hurts and unborn biting tears.
My masochistic, perverted mind only hopes,
to get burned as well.
Too bad, the sun isn't shining.
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Surprisingly, i really like this. At first i didn't think i would...but then i came to the line, "My masochistic, perverted mind only hopes,/to get burned as well." Yeah, i like this poem. :)
Thanks. :)

It was an attempt at writing an emo-poem that would be somewhat different from the usual ones. :P
i think it's more accusing than emo but that's good, emo poetry is sometimes a little too...emo?
Heh, I agree. I like to think I'm well past that emo writing stage. (A lot of beginning writers seem to go through that stage... :P ) So I'm glad you don't perceive this as emo, I was trying to avoid that. :)

Accusing... I like your use of that word.
i think i like you. :)
Ooh, even better. In bold even. ;)
Oui monsieur. Boldness does something to a word, doesn't it?
i really like this. i think it has a really nice build.
Thanks! Glad to hear! :)