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About You and Your Poetry

Name/Age/Location - Jennifer/19/Tennessee
Sex - Female
Nicknames - Jiffer, Ichi-ban, and Jen-Jen
What languages can you speak? - English and a little Japanese
Date of Birth - 09/06/85
Atrological Sign - Virgo
How long have you been writing poetry - since middle school
What type of poems do you write (rhyming, none rhyming, stanzas.)- A mix of everything
Do you like to read poems or only write them? - Both
What type of stories do you write, if any - fantasy stories, typically humorous ones, though sometimes they can be very depressing too
What subject does your poems most often circle around (You can give more then one) - life experiences and musings about the past/present/future


10 Favorite books -

- Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince
- The Amber Spyglass
- Sabriel
- American Gods
- The Silver Chair
- Child of the Prophecy
- King Author & His Noble Knights
- Anne of the Island
- Green Rider
- The Kitchen God's Wife

Favorite fruit - kiwi

Favorite type of music - alternative

10 Favorite bands -

- Elliot Smith
- Ani Defranco
- Evanescence
- Greenday
- Guster
- Sarah Slean
- Poe
- Weezer
- Radiohead
- Jimmy Eat World

5 Favorite songs -

5 & 1/2 Minute Hallway - Poe
Studying Stones - Ani Defranco
Oh Well, Okay - Elliot Smith
No Surprises - Radiohead
Me, I'm a Thief - Sarah Slean

Favorite color - Red
Favorite country - The one I'm in currently (though that might change when I travel more)
Favorite place in the world - in Roanoke, Virginia with my friends
Favorite food - Cream Cheese Wontons w/sweet and sour sauce to dip them in (yum!)

10 Favorite movies -

- Bondock Saints
- Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
- Donnie Darko
- Girl Interrupted
- Dazed & Confused
- Super Troopers
- Anastasia
- Spirited Away
- Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
- Fight Club

Favorite actor - Johnny Depp
Favorite actress - Scarlett Johansson

5 Favorite TV Shows -

- Family Guy
- Queer as Folk
- That 70's Show
- Naruto
- The Daily Show

Favorite thing to do - write
Favorite Poet (with a book published) - Edgar Allan Poe


Sex - sounds like fun; hope to try it one day
Young Mothers - I imagine that'd be tough, raising a child while you're still young, but many of them seem to do okay for themselves
Your opinon on gay marriage - completely for it. Some guy said it best when he put it 'they should be allowed to be just as miserable as the rest of us.'
Your opinon on the death penalty - It'd probably be a lot more punishment for the convicts to rot in a prison cell instead and a lot more humane.
Tell us about your religous beliefs - was raise by fundamentalist Christians, so I was a fundementalist Christian for a long time.... I'm now happily agnostic.
Do you smoke or do drugs - no. not currently, at least.
On poetry (What does it mean to you? How does it effect you?)

I remember my 11th grade English teacher once saying 'poetry is more then just vomiting your emotions onto a blank sheet of paper.' Poetry is an outlet and an inspiration to me. It explains the deepest feelings and thoughts that I can't convey in every day conversation. Its effects on me can be emotional or simply unexplainable. My favorite feeling is when I feel that a line is being spoke for me or when a phrase is so beautiful sounding I just have to stand back in awe at the sheer brilliance of what has been written.

This and That

Beach or mountain? - Mountain (I've lived surrounded by them practically my whole life and I couldn't ever see myself feeling at home anywhere else)
Winter or summer? - Summer
Pool or sea? - Sea
DVD or cinema? - cimema
Sleep or eat? - eat
Die without loving or love without being corresponded? - die without loving
Good or evil? - Both
Contact lens or glasses? - Both


Make us laugh - How do you make a one-armed blond fall out of a tree? You wave.

Write us a poem -

smashed on a window blind,
the burn of metal,
the sound
gasping sound
the hiccuping words of a
broken mind,
and I can't save him from himself

Write us a poem using the theme "tree" -


when the clouds went south
the tree stretched out its branches
to touch the morning


your words dug in me like the roots of a tree -
stretching and tearing through the arteries
of my heart
It made me question what it is you do to me -
that makes something so carelessly said
split me apart.

3 Pictures of yourself - (they're all really crappy pictures)1. 2. 3.

Promote in at least 3 places (the more the better) - 1.2.3.

What makes you poetic (i.e. what in your poems should make us accept you)? - my poems explore deep periods in my life that have changed me, and I'm confident that many people can relate quite a few of them to their own life.
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