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A Poet's Ramblings

About You and Your Poetry</b>

Name/Age/Location - Ellie, 15, Cleveland, OH
Sex - female
Nicknames - Ellie is a nickname of eleanor, or ellebelle
What languages can you speak? - english, and a little french.
Date of Birth - 11/12/1989
Atrological Sign - scorpio
How long have you been writing poetry - I started writing poems when I was 11 or so
What type of poems do you write (rhyming, none rhyming, stanzas.)- no rhyming, no particular patterns or anything, just free-flowing thought ones (I'm sorry if that doesnt make sense) and no real stanza breaks. sometimes slam-type poems.
Do you like to read poems or only write them? - I love to write them, and I like to read them.
What type of stories do you write, if any - I write plays more than stories, but I've written 2 or 3 short stories before.
What subject does your poems most often circle around (You can give more than one) - any sort of emotion, retelling things in my past, life in general, what's going on in the media, war.


10 Favorite books - white oleander, alice in wonderland, the red pony, dandelion wine.
Favorite fruit - mango
Favorite type of music - i listen to a lot of stuff, but ska, rock, indie, reggae, some hiphop.
10 Favorite bands - modest mouse, red hot chili peppers, at the drive in, the planet smashers, suicide machines, hot hot heat, stone temple pilots, smashing pumpkins, atmosphere, the white stripes.
5 Favorite songs - "broke" modest mouse, "scar tissue" RHCP, "one armed scissor" at the drive in, "while oceana sleeps" sparta, "god's bathroom floor" atmosphere
Favorite color - blue
Favorite country - france
Favorite place in the world - san francisco
Favorite food - anything thai
10 Favorite movies - thirteen, white oleander, almost famous, donnie darko, mystic river, boondock saints, maria full of grace, pay it forward, blow, edward scissorhands.
Favorite actor - i dont really have one, but jake gyllenhaal if i had to pick.
Favorite actress - evan rachel wood or alison lohman.
5 Favorite TV Shows - i dont have 5, just law and order and laguna beach makes me laugh.
Favorite thing to do - play sports, read, write, go to shows, be with friends, thrift, sleep, dance.
Favorite Poet (with a book published) - billy collins.


Sex - there's no one answer for everyone, do what feels right for you, and make sure you're being responsible about it.
Young Mothers - try to get an education (or continue yours) and be strong in life, there's nothing wrong with being a mom young.
Your opinion on gay marriage - i'm for it, love has no boundaries like that.
Your opinion on the death penalty- let the people rot in jail for the rest of their lives, not kill them.
Tell us about your religous beliefs - im espiscopalien (cant spell that, sorry) but it doesnt play a major roll in my life, and i dont have many religious beliefs.
Do you smoke or do drugs - i smoke a little, i barely drink and i smoke pot sometimes
On poetry (What does it mean to you? How does it effect you?) poetry if a way of self-expression, and i think it's one of the best ways of expressing yourself, without holding back and without the input of others. poetry is also an art, and i have a lot of respect for poetry and poets.

This and That

Beach or mountain? - beach
Winter or summer? - summer
Pool or sea? - sea
DVD or cinema? - cinema
Sleep or eat? - sleep
Die without loving or love without being corresponded? - loving without being corresponded
MSN or AIM? - aim
Good or evil? - a mix
Contact lens or glasses? - glasses


Make us laugh - britney spears has talent. or this website: www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net
Write us a poem -
When I grow up,
she whispers, tiny fingers curled into a fist
I want to be like you.

bleary eyes open in surprise--
doesn’t she have the tv for this?
I just shush the cries,
apply kisses to the barbie band-aids.

It scares me more than anything.

Does she want wide-eye lies,
told with fingers crossed and placid smiles?
Can she handle broken limbs meshed with
equally shattered hearts?

I want to know she’ll never grow up.
Her damp eyes like a does are too wide,
dripping with golden light.

I know I still have time to fix
the mistakes left ragged around the edges, but--
How much longer will it be
before her handprint widens from the ceramic sizes
and fills into things like red lipstick?

For now I only have to worry
about this afternoon, this moment,
where I can lay silently in the stifling heat
and answer questions with a
Write us a poem using the theme "tree"-
roots jutting like vertabre
a spine emerging from the dirt
a thousand shades of green casting shadows
patterns of lace lay belly-down
hugging the earth
lying beneath branches strong enough to bear the weight
of a world,
sunlight filters through each slice of leaf
this tree's roots are like my fingers
grasping to hold on so tightly
fight to grow, stretch to the surface where
it can break free into the open sky.
3 Pictures of yourself -
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Promote in at least 3 places (the more the better) - promote what? i'm sorry, i dont understand this question.
What makes you poetic (i.e. what in your poems should make us accept you)? - i'm not even sure that i am poetic, i just write and turn thoughts into words on paper. i try to make my poems non conventional, im honest in them, and i use a lot of imagery. there's nothing completely special about them, but that's what i aim for, to try and capture an ordinary moment.
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