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x____poetic's Journal

A Community for Poets
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Welcome to x____poetic!

The Mods

Co-Mod/Maintainer Nicole
Contact: ChaoticxCharisma -AIM
About Nicole

About This Community
1. This is a community for Poets and Writers. Once a week there will be a writing prompt in which all members can submit a poem or short story from a subject the moderators have given.
2. This is also a somewhat of a rating community. Before you can submit work you must first submit an aplication.

1. No Drama.
2. LJ Cuts are amazing inventions. Use them.
3. Do not comment on others' posts unless you are an accepted member.
4. This community is for men and women.
5. If you post a poem you also have to read and comment on two other member's poems.
6. Follow the rules.

1. Be active.
2. Vote on applications.
3. When saying "yes" or "no" to an applicant, put your final answer in the topic of the comment.
4. Participate in the weekly writing prompts.
5. Promoting is allowed for now, but it needs to be behind and LJ cut.

1. Use an LJ cut on your application.
2. Post an application within a week of joining.
3. If rejected you can try again in a week.
4. Don't bitch if one member says 'no'. That will get you banned.
5. Put "A Poet's ramblings" as the topic of your application so we know you read the rules.
6. Don't comment on other posts until accepted.
7. You must be at least 14 years old.
8. If you don't respond to a "sway me" then it's an automatic "No".
9. Fill out the application below. You can leave out some fields, but you must complete the ones that require you to show your writing.
10. If you are rejected do not bitch out the people who said "no". That will get you automatically banned.


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Sister Communities

If you wish to become a Sister Community, please contact blisteringeyes.