Solki Hanfi (nabothi) wrote in x____poetic,
Solki Hanfi

Downtown Oasis

Ducks are quacking in their pond.
These careless critters of the park,
they live on the love of the elderly
who don't have much better to do
than to feed them their moldy crumbs.
There they go, these ducks,
with their funny walk and
the stupid look on their face.
As if they're clueless of everything,
like children in a perfect world.
Hard to catch they are,
these swimming, diving, flying beasts
as they go and defy,
every logic reason we as humans
would try to impose on them.

How could we though?
They're just animals.

But there they are.
Happily feasting on
their daily prison meal of
water and bread.
They could just as easily fly away
yet they somehow choose to stay.
In this green hole of our city,
they have all they'd ever need.
Almost makes you wish,
you were a duck,
doesn't it?
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