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Old prompt

The glitter prompt. Charlie and the chocolate factory was fantastical.

Missing you in Austria
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I stop to look when you glitter
Silver seems to shine from you
Opaque splendor I see through.
Embrace me in my mind, bitte.

Humanity is decked with the dreary
Mundane, we’re so grey and weary
With an exception who is my dear he

Sparkles under the glaring sun’s eye
Austere envy emitted by its ray’s cry
Weeping as he illuminates the sky.

You are the very ripples to my lake
And your absence it keeps me awake
So with this stillness, a mental shake.

And the sun is rejoicing and draining
My liquid with its heat, no raining
To save my soul, it needs sustaining.

Typing in a hotel room, a poetic stew
Musing over the amount I miss you
Longing to kiss you, mit kein du!

I found my sanity within the folds
Of my mind, your image it moulds
To make my happiness with gold.

I stop to look when you glitter
Embrace me in my mind, bitte.
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