snappershot (snappershot) wrote in x____poetic,


and while I sit here

thinking of nights past

I wonder who or where

I was in reality

feeling like everything is just a dream

not knowing if I'm real or

whether I can stand another day...


I feel like I'm nothing here.

I feel like the cold is my friend

... yet I long for that warmth

that feeling that I belong....

That wanting to be real and alive


Why cant I realize that what I am

is no different then the rest of my kind

I think I'm a ghost a past spirit



While my mind is split between another man

I wonder who's body this really is?

Am I just a dominate personality

Am I real?

I dont understand ho w I can function...

I live each day, eat and feel

Sleep and hurt... but

What defines real anymore?

ina society where life is taken every nine seconds...

people are so oblicious thinking that

the bad people are on the news... they're safe in their town...

the normal people go about not knowing what's here


I never thought I say this... But I'm human.

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