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{Authors note: Jon is my other half.}


Five zero zero flashes in green neon letters

I feel like I’m in a dream…

Forever in a dream

The room is filled with a dim green light every second


I feel the slow breeze of a fan over my face

A light hand motion from his body…

He lies there almost lifeless

His naked body resting against mine, our skin is touching.


I have never felt like this about a boy… He feels the same

His name is Casey, and he’s…

My boy

My lover

My Baby

And my true love…

Seems like all of this is a dream


I know it cant be real but I just lie there with him in my arms

Seeing a faint self projection of Jon in the corner…

His face smiling and the fan blows a gush of air over us…


Slowly the clock turns five oh five… I realize that time has past.

I stare at Casey, looking from his neck to his waist where the covers blind me.

I run my hand over his smooth and hairless stomach.

Only seventeen and I have a wonderful Boyfriend..

I wonder how this happened and I start to think back…


Amazing that a simple blog started this all.

A simple community for geeky gays made us meet.

One introduction and one comment started

My most satisfying relationships I’ve ever had.


He lives hundreds of miles away and yet I still made a connection

Starting with simple role playing…

Him slowly coming out of his shell and closet


I don’t know how to describe him

His black hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, and lover hands…

He’s so frail and all I want is to hold him against me as we fall


The world as our hole, falling forever

I don’t know… I would die for a man I had never met before

This night where we lay together with my arms around him


His mother wondering where he is… I cant believe I made him come here.

As the smell from our sweat covers our bodies…

I feel him move from me.. He sits on the edge of the bed

I prop myself up and look at him…

He looks back realizing I’m awake as the dim green neon lights

Feel his eyes reflecting back at me…


I ask what’s wrong… he just looks at me.

A tear at the edge of his eye, and he opens his mouth.

Getting worried I sit up quickly and kiss him.

He backs away and I get scared…


I cant tell whats wrong.. the self projection of Jon is gone.

He looks deep into my soul and opens his mouth and in one swift whisper:

“This may be a dream, but I love you in reality.” And as he kissed me.

I woke up.



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